Managed Printing Services (MPS)

What is MPS?

Printing is an essential function in most retail businesses – but there is flexibility in how each business approaches printing. And, the approach you choose will affect your cost, level of responsibility and effectiveness. In turn, each of those variables influences future ROI, productivity and workflow.

MPS usually begins with a requirements assessment. The next step is typically a partial or complete replacement of existing hardware, including printers, faxes, scanners, photocopiers and multifunction (MFP) devices. From that point, the service provider oversees and services hardware and provides parts and supplies. An MPS provider may also monitor and report on usage, problems and user experience.


Analyze Your Printing Needs

Reduce “Local” Printers

Replace Inefficient Devices

Manage Remote Printing

Choosing a print solution that complements your organization’s needs and employee work requirements is very important, not only from a productivity standpoint, but also for your bottom line.