MacBook Learning Lab

With the innovative Apple MacBook Learning Lab, it’s easier than ever to bring a digital learning environment into every classroom. designed specifically for schools, the Apple MacBook Learning Lab provides teachers and students flexible, affordable, and convenient access to technology.

The most powerful computing platform requires the best Mac management solution.
Zenith Mac management software: the tools you need to get the job done.

As Mac continues to grow in popularity and cement its place in businesses and schools around the world, you’re being tasked to deploy, inventory and secure this influx of devices. While there is an arsenal of Mac management software choices, most lack the functionality for full lifecycle management. Windows management solutions only offer a limited feature set to manage Mac which prevents you from getting the most out of your devices, and takes away from the user experience employees, teachers and students love.


  • Native Mac Management
    Native Mac Management allowing you to leverage Apple deployment programs and security tools to enjoy a complete ecosystem
  • Deployment
    Configure settings like Wi-Fi, VPN, email and other services on your devices quickly and consistently.
  • Inventory
    Automatically collect hardware, software and security configuration details from your Mac devices.
  • App Management
    Centrally deploy apps over the air and reassign licenses as your needs change.
  • Security
    Secure your sensitive data, enforce passcodes and remotely wipe/lock devices.
  • Advanced Mac Management
    Leverage the Agent for unlimited flexibility and control, and the ability to automate Apple and third-party software updates.
  • Self Service
    Empower employees with your own app store and let them install apps, update software and maintain their own device without a help desk ticket.
  • Patch Management
    Automatically combat security vulnerabilities and ensure your users always get the latest software.