iPad Learning Lab

Go beyond the blackboard with iPad classroom management solutions.

Build a stronger academic environment.

It’s the next evolution of students sitting at their desks listening to a teacher lecture. With the introduction of iPad in the classroom comes spontaneous collaboration and personalized learning.

While smart technology means new opportunities for teachers and students, it also requires new strategies for iPad classroom management.

Classroom management software that makes the difference.
Set up teachers and students to succeed.

Zenith Arabia make it easy to integrate classroom management apps, such as Apple’s Classroom app, into your district or school’s environment so you can create an optimal classroom experience without distractions and provide young students with a new, superior way to learn. Functionality depends on the tool used.


  • Teach students in new ways
  • Focus student attention
  • Monitor student progress
  • Conduct student assessments
  • Integrate with your student information system (SIS) and Apple School Manager
  • Provide students with a customized app catalog
  • Personalize student learning

Classroom management solutions.

Take a peek under the hood and see how Zenith Arabia helps you deliver a better Apple experience