Macbook learning lab

As Mac continues to grow in popularity and cement its place in businesses and schools around the world, you’re being tasked to deploy, inventory and secure this influx of devices. While there is an arsenal of Mac management software choices, most lack the functionality for full lifecycle management. Windows management solutions only offer a limited feature set to manage Mac which prevents you from getting the most out of your devices, and takes away from the user experience employees, teachers and students love.

iPad learning lab

Go beyond the blackboard with iPad classroom management solutions. Build a stronger academic environment.

It’s the next evolution of students sitting at their desks listening to a teacher lecture. With the introduction of iPad in the classroom comes spontaneous collaboration and personalized learning.

While smart technology means new opportunities for teachers and students, it also requires new strategies for iPad classroom management.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM or Mobile Device Management is a software application used for managing endpoints such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. in an enterprise. With more and more employees using one or all these devices, organizations across all shapes and sizes are now turning to mobile device management for enhanced data security and improved productivity.