Smart Labs

If you’re looking for a versatile, cross-curriculum solution for your campus, look no further than the iMac. The all-in-one efficiency of the iMac makes it the computer of choice for labs that need to cater to a wide variety of subjects, from English to science to math and beyond. Its ultra-thin design eliminates clutter, and its ultra-powerful latest Intel Core processor.

  • Multipurpose labs
  • Career Technology Labs
  • Computer Science Labs
  • Mobile Application Development Labs

  • Computer Cyber security labs
  • Innovation Center
  • E- Library

1:1 iPad classrooms

One of the newest approaches to using technology in the classroom is called the 1-to-1 initiative. Many districts across the country have begun to equip their students and faculty with iPads: One iPad for every person.

This at first appears very exciting and is a novel way for using technology in the classroom. After all, some of the most advanced technology for reading, learning, and communicating is literally at our fingertips.

Online Exam Solution

We replace the traditional paper exams with the utilization of modern tablet devices helping the student to take exams easily with clear representation of each question and tracking time remaining.

It will save time in revision and marking the exam as well by allowing automated marking where applicable.

  • Solution for Education
  • Solution for Corporates
  • Solution for Training Institute
  • Onscreen Evaluation System