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Inspire, Create and Learn!

On a mission to bring the best products and highest support to customers around the world, Apple offers a variety of solutions and tools that empower the education community with unlimited opportunities and resources!

The iPad is an ultra-powerful device on its own, but with a suite of software that specifically caters to the education community, it becomes the perfect tool for smart education, enabling both students and teachers to collaborate in ways never thought possible before!

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist in Saudi Arabia, Zenith Arabia can help your organization deploy and integrate a full-fledged iPad program personalized to your school’s learning objectives and needs. 

Educational Apps

With iPad educational apps, teachers are empowered to create compelling learning experiences using technologies like 3D, VR, AR, and gamification to make each lesson come to life! 

Learners are compelled to unleash their creativity and discover the best methods for learning.

And with curriculums like “everyone can create” and “everyone can code”, Apple technology can be used to help teachers bring creativity and problem-solving skills into the classroom and to unleash the potential in every student.

There’s a countless selection of educational apps available for iPad in addition to numerous essential apps and services that teachers and students use everyday.

Apple Classroom

As an application designed for teachers, Apple Classroom allows you to hold classes either at school, remotely, or in a hybrid setting (remotely and nearby).

Teachers can push lessons, assignments, or open specific book pages or websites on all student devices in the classroom at once!

You can also share student work and assignments using Apple TV!

Apple Schoolwork

Ideally used with Apple Classroom, Apple Schoolwork is another powerful application that teachers and students can install on their iPads to get the best teaching and learning experience. 

The simple and beautiful design of Apple Schoolwork makes it easy to create and share assignments with students in just a few taps. It allows for one-on-one collaboration with students in real-time, as well as tracking individual student progress, so you can personalize teaching methods to fit each student. 

As for students, their school assignments appear automatically on the app, organized by due date and class.

Reaching All Learners

There are a variety of built-in iPad features that cater to special needs. 

Apple accessibility covers mobility, hearing, vision, and cognitive features. Whether it’s using the voice-over, text-to-speech options or requiring an on-screen keyboard, or needing to reduce motion on the screen, there’s a solution for every type of learner, so everyone can get the most value out of their iPads!

Why Zenith Arabia?

  • We are an Apple Authorised Education Specialist in Saudi Arabia, which makes us your most trustworthy option for an iPad education solution. 
  • We have Apple-certified technical consultants and engineers with a proven track record in the education sector in Saudi Arabia. Our team has the essential skills to support you throughout your entire education journey.
  • Zenith provides Apple Professional Learning sessions for leadership and teaching teams to to demonstrate how to best use Apple products for learning and teaching, coach, mentor and support teachers in advancing their technology skills with an emphasis on innovation — to engage students in deeper learning. Coaching sessions are available in person and virtually.
  • We run a comprehensive end-to-end assessment of your current infrastructure, complete with recommendations and details on relevant changes. These can include upgrades or Apple product recommendations that best align with your organization’s requirements and support you in achieving your strategic education objectives.

  • We provide zero-touch 1:1 iPad deployment for every classroom.
  • We provide your IT staff with hands-on technical guidance and best practices before and after deployment. 
  • We provide hands-on training courses and workshops for the different Apple Education Applications.

Our Process

Our team of Apple certified professionals will design a personalized solution that perfectly fits your school’s teaching style and learning objectives. Our process consists of the following stages. 

We will assess your  existing infrastructure and your school’s learning objectives to decide on the requirements needed to successfully deploy the iPad program. Whether you are planning a new deployment altogether or integrating iPad to your existing infrastructure, we will define the requirements for a seamless deployment.


In light of the previous step, our team of professionals will now develop a detailed deployment plan for the iPad ensuring you are taking informed decisions with regards to both software and hardware.

Zenith Arabia’s team will recommend the right Apple applications, whether free or premium and will recommend the ideal device configuration and storage requirements, etc.


This is the stage in which we seamlessly deploy the iPad programme for your school and ensure all components are working effectively together. 

Our team of certified professionals will provide a series of hands-on workshops and courses to help your staff make the best use of their iPads. 

In addition to our usual support, we will continue to provide guidance and consultation for the different aspects of the iPad programme after the deployment.