CleanSlate UV

CleanSlate UV :

Staff and visitors are required to wash their hands - but what about the devices in their pockets, around their necks or on their belts? These devices are among the dirtiest surfaces in the hospital, and are often touched immediately after we wash or sanitize our hands.

CleanSlate UV’s 20 second, chemical-free solution allows hospitals to address this problem. The intuitive solution can be placed at nursing stations or unit entrances, so staff and visitors can sanitize their hands and devices with ease.

20-Second cycle

proven to kill at least 99.999% of MRSA

Works on a range of devices

including cell phones, tablets, badges, stethoscopes, documents and other non-critical devices

Touch-free device removal

prevents cross-contamination and enables hand hygiene while devices are sanitized

No device-damaging chemicals

interacting with touchscreen devices or expensive equipment

Requires no training

making it suitable for visitors, patients and staff alike

Pathogenic Kill Rate

  • S. aureus (MRSA)- 99.9998% reduction
  • C. difficile (spores) - 99.97% reduction
  • E. faecalis (VRE) - 99.9992% reduction
  • E. coli - 99.9991% reduction
  • S. enterica (Salmonella) - 99.999% reduction
  • All testing conducted with bioburden per ASTM E1153.
  • 3rd party lab efficacy report available upon request

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