Apple in Education :

At the heart of everything Apple does is a single vision — to create amazing products that enrich people’s lives. It shapes not only what they make, but how it’s made and what they care about. Apple technology is designed to give students new ways to experience and demonstrate their learning — no matter what type of learners they are.

Apple creates products designed to inspire the minds of teachers and students.

With Apple hardware and software in the hands of students, the work they need to do becomes the work they love to do. Students love iPad because it can be whatever they need it to be. It helps them explore topics in new ways and discover new skills, with a Multi-Touch experience that’s interactive and engaging. Packed with power, Mac helps students and teachers tackle the most ambitious projects, fuelling them with confidence to take on any assignment.

IT Services :

Why Apple for Education?

We all know about the great products, such as iPad and Mac, that Apple have designed with education in mind. What you may not be aware of are the powerful apps and features Apple have created especially for the classroom.

  • Training
  • Digital Contents
  • Interactive Books
  • Apple Teacher
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Apple Deployment
  • School Management System


  • iPad 1:1
  • Class Sets
  • Training
  • Apple Teacher training
  • Deployment Flow with ZeroTouch
  • Full AIMS

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Parental :

Parent information and resources to help understand the benefits of personalized learning through the use of Apple technology inside and outside of the classroom. Apple builds privacy and security into all their products from the ground up, including apps and services for education. When schools set up accounts, devices and content for their students in Apple School Manager, they can be sure that Apple will never sell student information and will never share it with third parties to use for marketing or advertising. They never build profiles of students based on their online behaviour and they don’t collect or use student information other than to provide relevant educational services.

  • Security and privacy
  • Purchasing portals
  • Support and Accessibility
  • Parent and family workshops
  • Parental controls

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Leadership :

Deploying mobile technology can feel like a minefield. Our aim is to support Education leaders develop and implement an effective education programme with Apple. This section promotes:

  • Apple privacy
  • Sustainability using modern cloud workflows
  • Apps
  • Apple School Manager
  • Shared iPad solutions
  • The importance of reducing teacher workload
  • Planning essentials workshop
  • Workshops with Just Enough group

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Teacher :

Apple products can be powerful teaching tools, especially when educators get the support and know-how to fully unlock their capabilities. Our teacher page promotes, Apple technology has the power to transform how Teachers teach and Learners learn:

  • Apple Teacher
  • Apple Professional Learning
  • Everyone can Create
  • Everyone can Code
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Planning essentials workshop
  • Reaching all learners with iPad

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Subscription :

Zenitharabia offer different finance models for educational establishments to consider when purchasing Apple technology for the classroom, so you can pick the model that works best for you and your establishment. This section covers:

  • One-to-One purchasing
  • MDM & UEM+ASM Subscription
  • Eduzee Subscription

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Accessibility & Apple :

Technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone, so we make every Apple product accessible from the very start

Apple designs products for everyone-including the one billion people worldwide with a disability. That's why accessibility features are built into everything Apple makes such as reduced transparency, VoiceOver, and increased text size, to personalize how they interact with their devices in ways that work for them. Explore the accessibility features built into Apple products.

ZenithArabia is offering IPads with accessories for Special needs.

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Lifecycle :

Apple products Lifecycle is between 3- 5- years, Upgrading your Apple devices to the latest version with zenith offers Available

A combination of build, quality, durability and usability means Apple devices maintain a high residual value even after 3 years of use. By available promoting re-use over recycling,.

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