There are substantial financial, operational and technological benefits that organizations reap from virtualization. The benefits include economies of scale, greater efficiency and dramatically lower operating costs. 

The basic principle of virtualization solutions is the use of software to simulate hardware functionality, therefore creating a virtual computer system.

The result is that organizations are able to run more than one virtual system – and multiple operating systems and applications – on a single server! 

– Source: Vmware

Virtualization Solution

Working with you from preliminary assessment onward, our team can help you determine which virtualization services and solutions work best with your business goals, then our Consultants will proceed with the next stages which include planning and design, followed by deployment, procurement and maintenance. 

As a proud partner of Vmware, a world-leading name for virtualization, and as part of their official partner network program, Zenith Arabia provides virtual data center solutions that are available, secure and scalable.

Also as a Citrix partner, we provide Citrix Hypervisor solutions that enable you to simplify your operations’ management so you can manage intensive workloads effectively. 

Zenith Arabia offers solutions and services for all types of virtualization including; Virtual machines, Application-server virtualization, network, hardware and storage virtualization.

Benefits of Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization technology can greatly and positively impact IT agility, flexibility and scalability.

Virtualization also creates significant cost savings and enhances performance remarkably. It improves availability and mobility of resources and better enables the automation of operation.

Here’s a summary of Virtualization benefits:

  • Lower capital and operating cost.
  • Zero or minimal downtime. 
  • Better, more resilient disaster recovery. 
  • Reduced hardware cost.
  • Reduced power consumption. Lower cooling costs.
  • Ability to maintain and keep legacy systems working.
  • Faster deployment of applications and resources.
  • Reduce environmental impact and make it easier to go green.(Lower Carbon Footprint).
  • Simplified data center management.