Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in the healthcare sector. 

Zenith Arabia is leading the digitization trend in efforts to remove all obstacles encountered by Healthcare professionals and establishments, like inaccessible data and inefficient processes, through our healthcare solutions and services.

We empower your organization to focus on what truly matters, which is improving the quality of lives through better, more affordable, and more accessible healthcare.


We Provide Different Healthcare solutions

Healthcare Communications

Patient Experience


Homecare & Telehealth

Healthcare communications

Collaboration Solutions

Our collaboration solutions principally aim at creating a streamlined, secure communication system for the entire healthcare team, whether they are working inside or outside the healthcare facility. 

Integration Solutions

The purpose of our Integration solutions is to enable multiple communication technologies to work together seamlessly. 

This is particularly beneficial because it promotes strong connectivity between disparate systems and data, enabling your healthcare organization to scale across the enterprise, while solving lots of data issues experienced by HealthCare organizations.

Healthcare Telecommunications

Healthcare communication platforms play a pivotal role in allowing healthcare teams inside and outside the healthcare establishment to access and exchange information securely. 

Our solutions at Zenith Arabia are ideally used to simplify communication between the nursing staff and physicians. It also equips your IT team with essential tools to manage, analyze and integrate mobile health technologies throughout your organization.

Analytics Solutions

Our unique analytics tools and solutions provide you with essential insights into your hospital’s use of communication systems, clinical communication workflows and your data, analyzing patterns and predicting trends, therefore providing you with powerful tools that ensure the highest return on your investment.

Patient Experience Solutions

Patient Rooms Infotainment

Adoption rate for patient infotainment systems is growing rapidly!

Hospitals everywhere are adding those devices as part of their patient experience, especially as they become more developed and more cost-effective. They are a proven method to support a speedier patient recovery. They serve as an information medium for the healthcare staff, by providing the ability to view full and updated patient medical records. It also provides patients with the ability to connect to the internet, play games and watch media.

Patient eTable

A patient eTable is a height-adjustable table with an interactive surface that contains an electronic tablet. This tablet can be used for a variety of purposes, whether for hospital procedures, patient examination and monitoring or even entertainment.

This device as well as the Infotainment patient terminal help provide a more positive experience for both patients and caregivers.

Homecare & Telehealth

Homecare & Telehealth

At Zenith Arabia, we offer a variety of healthcare solutions that allow the healthcare team to utilize information and communication technologies to access patient/healthcare information, remotely, in order to manage patient records and make vital decisions.


Homecare devices serve as essential platforms for patients with chronic health conditions that require regular monitoring and checkups, particularly when the patient is outside the hospital in a private or home location. This allows healthcare professionals to manage chronic conditions efficiently and remotely. 


Telehealth is an excellent technological platform that is rapidly increasing in popularity, especially after Covid-19.

Telehealth is basically a reliable video platform that allows for a full and rich experience between a patient and a healthcare professional/physician in a remote setting.

It’s an excellent method to extend healthcare to a bigger network of patients while increasing clinical workflow efficiency.

Healthcare Mobility 

Healthcare Mobility

Our healthcare mobility applications are an excellent method to streamline hospital workflows and facilitate collaboration between the healthcare staff. 

For example, Doctors can use Mobile Apps to view a patient’s medical history, examination reports, check vital patient signs in real-time and make critical decisions about the patient’s health, all while being on the go.

Medical Carts

A medical mobile cart or portable computer cart is an excellent tool to increase the efficiency of the healthcare staff and therefore improve the quality of patient care!

A medical mobile cart primarily allows you to carry and move valuable medical equipment. It’s vital that these carts come with a strong braking and locking system as well the ability to maneuver efficiently.