Mobile Device Management (MDM)

What is MDM?
MDM or Mobile Device Management is a software application used for managing endpoints such as laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. in an enterprise. With more and more employees using one or all these devices, organizations across all shapes and sizes are now turning to mobile device management for enhanced data security and improved productivity.

Why do organizations need mobile device management solutions?
Mobile devices now have more capabilities than ever before, which has ultimately led to many enterprises adopting a mobile-only or mobile-first workforce. In these types of environments, both personal and corporate-owned mobile devices are the primary devices used for accessing or interacting with corporate data.

Benefits from MDM solutions:

  • Time-saving automations
    Save time by automating repetitive tasks like configuring Wi-Fi settings on devices or asking users to install certain apps.
  • Improved efficiency
    Configure tailor-made policies for your organization to improve workflow efficiency.
  • Increased productivity
    Utilize a combination of policies like blacklisting non-enterprise apps during work hours to ensure employees are more productivity focused.
  • Achieve compliance
    Meet complex compliance standards like the GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, PCI, and CJIS in just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced security
    Protect corporate data on mobile devices and prevent it from being shared or saved on third-party services.
  • Remote management
    Manage devices over-the-air (OTA) without requiring any intervention from the user and without affecting productivity.

MDM industry use cases

  • Healthcare
    With most healthcare organizations moving towards electronic health records (EHRs), mobile device use is more popular than ever in the healthcare sector. But ensuring the personal health information (PHI) stored on mobile devices is secure and complying with regulatory standards like HIPAA can be a challenge. An MDM solution can help you meet compliance standards while also ensuring that PHI remains secure from unauthorized access.
  • Transportation
    Now that many enterprises are embracing mobility, one market that can benefit greatly from the advantages of MDM is the transportation industry. MDM lets businesses track shipments and vehicle locations as well as maintain a history of locations traversed. It also lets you lock down corporate devices to specific apps and/or settings to prevent device misuse and ensure maximum productivity.
  • Education
    The transition to the digital age has affected no industry more than the education sector. With more and more schools adopting tablet-based teaching methods, it’s essential to manage these devices to ensure they’re only used for learning. Granular restrictions let you disable basic device functionalities such as the camera, as well as restrict access to certain websites.
  • Retail
    Thanks to features like digital signage, mPOS, and self-service checkouts, mobile devices have found their niche in the retail sector. Some enterprises in the retail industry use mobile devices built for a specific need, while others use a combination of in-house apps and certain policies on more standard devices like phones and tablets. Both specialized devices such as rugged devices and standard mobile devices such as smartphones can be managed using an MDM solution.
  • Other Service
    With most organizations in the service industry leaning towards a mobile-only or mobile-first workforce, mobile devices—especially employee-owned devices—are being used more than ever. An MDM solution helps you seamlessly manage personal devices (BYOD management) and in-house apps while also ensuring those devices adhere to your enterprise’s security standards.