Enterprise Mobility

If you want your employees to work from anywhere, while providing them with the ability to access essential work information securely and seamlessly, then you definitely need to consider an Enterprise Mobility solution! 

Our Enterprise Mobility Software is the ideal solution for a modern workforce, especially after the exceptional circumstances imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

At Zenith Arabia, we provide end-to-end Enterprise Mobility solutions & services that effectively address all your enterprise mobility requirements, in order to help clients realize their potential and reach their growth targets, while ensuring the highest return on their investment in Mobility. 

Manage devices, apps and data

Our team of consultants will help your organization set up and deploy the ideal mobile device management solution that enables you to truly enhance your employee productivity through effectively managing their devices without compromising on security.

Mobile Device management covers all types of devices including; laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our software also covers all major operating systems including MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS.

Mobile Device Management

Our MDM solution gives you unlimited capabilities that include enrolling and configuring devices remotely in your enterprise environment as well as identity management, the ability to track your employees/users locations, and the ability to troubleshoot devices in real-time.

Mobile Content Management

Our Mobile Device management solutions enable your organization to remotely distribute and manage content or documents across all your company devices.

It also allows your IT staff to restrict the sharing of certain sensitive information outside your enterprise or to third party cloud storage for example. Mobile content management also allows you to create central content hubs, where document/content updates are instantly reflected across all devices.

Mobile Application Management

On the enterprise level, our consultants can help you deploy certain applications across all devices that are essential for your business, whether these applications are proprietary and specific to your organization or available publicly on the App stores, deploying them isn’t a problem.

Also if it’s a security requirement, we can limit the installed/deployed applications on company devices to specific pre-approved applications only.

Mobile Security

Our Enterprise mobility software enables you to ensure that all your organization’s devices are fully compliant with your company policies. It also ensures your staff or workforce are accessing information securely at all times, whether it’s the company device or even their own personal devices.

You can also securely delete someone’s access or temporarily lock it, as well as completely and remotely wipe sensitive information when there is a security breach or data is compromised.