Apple Smart Labs

Apple Education labs are considered an efficient and cost-effective method for schools and organizations in the education sector, to ensure that each student has access to technology essential to their learning.

Zenith Arabia is a certified consultant in setting up and managing Apple Education Labs.

From the planning phase and to your staff onboarding, we cover all stages necessary for an Apple lab deployment, including setup, device enrollment, educational applications, Apple ID access configuration and the management of student experiences! 

You can also purchase Apple devices directly from Zenith Arabia and we will work with you to provide your staff members with hands-on courses and workshops for a seamless experience. 

Our Apple lab deployment covers all the different Apple devices including Mac, Mac Mini, iMac, iPad, Macbooks.

Career Technology Labs

A career tech lab is an excellent platform to truly empower your students with the most in-demand skills of today. 

Whatever the field your students are interested in, Zenith Arabia can assist you in setting up and running a career tech lab for it. 

Career tech labs cover a wide variety of fields including; chemistry, scientific research, graphic design, communication & digital media, film production, and film editing and coding.

Each type of these labs requires its own setup, tools, software and hardware configurations and specifications, etc. 

We will assist your organization with hardware and software selection, installation, as well as maintenance and upgrades. 

We also provide hands-on training and detailed usage guidelines based on the goals of your career lab.   

As an Apple certified education specialist, Zenith Arabia consultants can even help your students obtain Apple certificates in the fields of their choice. 

With programs like Everyone can create and Everyone can code, students, from an early age, are given a chance to develop the most sought-after technical skills,  thus fully preparing them for the new jobs of today.

Computer Science Labs

Most Computer Science courses are taught in one of three instructional labs. Each lab is equipped with 24 modern Dell, Mac, and multi-core workstations. The computers in this lab are upgraded and replaced on a regular basis to keep them up-to-date with the current state of technology. The labs also have a computer for the professor, a projector, and a Hovercam document projector. To expose our students to multiple platforms, our workstations boot into both Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. We understand that, in order to allow our students to succeed, we need to not only provide them with the best up-to-date equipment and facilities.

Mobility Labs

A mobility or a Mobile Application Development lab teaches students how to design, build and even launch a mobile application. 

Mobility labs cover a number of technologies,  from Apple application development using platforms such as  XCode and Swift Playgrounds for younger students who are getting introduced to coding for the first time. 

We can also provide Android and Windows Application Development labs through our partners, such as Dell Computers. 

We help you provide your students with a collaborative, professional environment that simulates that of professional software engineers!

In addition to supplying the hardware and software requirements of your mobility lab, we also make sure we design a full experience that allows your students to have group discussions and collaborate effectively, working stations with electric desks/working spaces that can be shared with multiple students and that makes it easier to work.

Cyber Security Labs

A cyber security lab is a lab that is designed to mostly teach Computer Science and/or Engineering students about cyber security. A skill becoming highly essential in our world today. 

If your organization is interested in teaching your students courses about cyber security, our team of certified experts at Zenith Arabia can help you effectively set up and run a lab to supply your students with essential knowledge on how to neutralize the risk of cyber crimes, hacking attacks and how to properly protect private/confidential data online.

Innovation Centers

One of our main goals at Zenith Arabia is to support entrepreneurship and innovation nationwide across different sectors. 

Therefore it made perfect sense to our team at Zenith Arabia to add Innovation centers’ setup and maintenance as one of our key products and services. 

At Zenith Arabia, we can assist you with the creation and setup of your own state-of-the-art innovation center, from selecting the right furniture, identifying the suitable technology requirements to designing the full experience! 

We even help you pick a suitable location for your center.

We also supply you with a range of interactive tools, accessories and learning aids through our certified technology partners, based on your innovation goals and requirements.


An electronic or digital library is mainly a centralized, multi-format content repository for your school or educational organization, complete with storage and communication systems so students can access information, data, books and applications as well as perform searches and other tasks essential to their learning. 

Here at Zenith Arabia, we are driven by performance excellence therefore, we have helped schools and educational institutions across Saudi Arabia to effectively set up and run digital library systems. A digital library ensures that your school is getting the maximum value of their educational infrastructure and technology investment. 

We provide cost effective and user-friendly digital library systems which will also revolutionize how your students are obtaining and communicating curriculum information in addition to encouraging them on additional reading for pleasure and purpose.