Online Exam Solution

We replace the traditional paper exams with the utilization of modern tablet devices helping the student to take exams easily with clear representation of each question and tracking time remaining.

It will save time in revision and marking the exam as well by allowing automated marking where applicable.

– Solution for Education
– Solution for Corporates
– Solution for Training Institute
– Onscreen Evaluation System


– Examination Instructions.
– Accessibility of Examination Content.
– Valid Time of Examination Content.
– Time Limit of the Examination.
– Time Reminder for the Examination.
– Submission Ways.
– Result Release.


  • Security and confidentiality of Examination Paper
  • Quick Result Processing
  • Get rid of Examination Centers
  • Reduced Logistics Costs
  • Compatible for Subjective exams
  • Reduced Examination Cost
  • Remote Supervision
  • Question Paper Generation
  • The Accessibility and Flexibility of Exam Management
  • Result Statistical analysis and Ranking
  • Time management, it saves time
  • It saves paper.


We know best practices and latest technology for managing your online examination process. it can be for entrance exam recruitment exam, university exams, aptitude tests personality tests. We have solution for all your needs related to online examination.