1:1 iPad classrooms

One of the newest approaches to using technology in the classroom is called the 1-to-1 initiative. Many districts across the country have begun to equip their students and faculty with iPads: One iPad for every person.

This at first appears very exciting and is a novel way for using technology in the classroom. After all, some of the most advanced technology for reading, learning, and communicating is literally at our fingertips.

How it works?

Our platform that allows you to manage and integrate all the information you’ll ever need for your classes. Post class websites, send assignments, give feedback to students, and monitor student work, grades, and participation.

From a cool toy to a powerful, versatile learning tool, iPads have made their way into the classroom and have become very valuable classroom technology. Many educators love iPads and tablets just as much as students, and this list of or the 10 big pros of iPads as technology in the classroom to show you why.

  • Saves paper and money
    Schools invest thousands of dollars every year on books, text books, and other printed materials. Using iPads or other tablets can drastically reduce these costs and help your school “go green”.


  • Lessens the physical load
    Who wants to carry around a backpack loaded down with heavy textbooks? With iPads students can download ebooks and other resources and save their backs.
  • Multi-media learning
    There’s not a one size fits all when it comes to teaching students. Some students learn best with a visual, some audio, some absorb best by reading, some by games, etc.
    The great thing about the iPads in the classroom is that it’s a multipurpose learning tool that can appeal to all types of learners.


  • Increases collaboration
    Even for schools where there is not a mobile device for every student, they can still take advantage of the iPad as valuable technology in the classroom, by utilizing it for group work.

Students can work together on a project or presentation on the iPad and enjoy educational games together as well.