Our Solutions

Apple Solutions

Zenith Arabia can help you purchase, install and support an integrated solution including complementary third party products. In addition, we can integrate Apple products and solutions into any environment (whether PC-based or mixed Mac and PC) and can provide great support to upgrade and develop an existing platform – all the while ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Highest number of certified sales, engineers and technicians in the region, and owns +80% market share in Apple corporate sales in Saudi Arabi

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IT Infrastructure

Zenith Arabia is an innovative IT services organization that will help you to modernize your legacy infrastructure to drive rapid digital transformation across your enterprise all on your own terms. Our team of experienced IT professionals are well equipped with the right toolsets, proven methodologies and expert knowledge that will add enormous value in the transformation of your IT infrastructure.

With gold and platinum partner status across multiple technology platforms, we have designed and delivered countless information and communications technology projects that have exceeded the expectations of our numerous prestigious clients. We are your trusted partner to deliver your technology projects on time and on budget with exceptional post implementation services.

  • Datacenter Designs
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Networks Security
  • Virtualization

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Virtualization Solution

Today’s employees are working from a variety of locations, such as customer sites, factory floors, hotels, or their homes, and doing so on many different devices.

In fact, employees use more than three different devices a day to get their job done and analysts predict that in the next two years, half of employers will require employees to bring their own personal devices (laptops,smartphones and tablets) to work. This means that there will be millions of BYO devices in the workplace.

Working with you from preliminary assessment onward, our team can help you determine which virtualization services and solutions may work best with your business goals.

  • Reduce deployment times
  • Better disaster recovery
  • Build testing environments
  • Keep legacy systems working
  • Reduce power consumption

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Smart Labs

If you’re looking for a versatile, cross-curriculum solution for your campus, look no further than the iMac. The all-in-one efficiency of the iMac makes it the computer of choice for labs that need to cater to a wide variety of subjects, from English to science to math and beyond. Its ultra-thin design eliminates clutter, and its ultra-powerful latest Intel Core processor.

Our Labs

  • Multipurpose Labs
  • Career Technology Labs
  • Computer Science Labs
  • iPhone App Development Labs
  • Cyber security
  • Innovation Center
  • E-Library

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) gives businesses the ability to manage large scale deployments of mobile devices & tablets.

These capabilities give IT departments the ability to securely enrol devices in an enterprise environment, via wireless configure and update settings, monitor compliance with corporate policies, and remotely wipe or lock managed devices.

Mobile Device Management Server - MDM Server, is a server-based solution for remotely managing mobile devices.
It simplifies configuration of user accounts for mail, calendars, contacts, and chat; enforcement of restrictions through Mobile Device Management; PIN and password policies; and more. Integrated with the Push Notification services, MDM Server can automatically send out updated configurations via wireless over the air.
In addition you can apply Network-based policy management. Remote client assistance from anywhere. With more and more computers , you’re encountering new questions and unexpected issues.

  • Quickly bring devices under management
  • Manage multiple mobile platforms from a single interface.
  • 360° support for enterprise mobility
  • Seamless app distribution and management
  • Foolproof security for corporate data
  • Manage enterprise owned and private devices

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Online Exam Solution

We know best practices and latest technology for managing your online examination process. it can be for entrance exam recruitment exam, university exams, aptitude tests personality tests. We have solution for all your needs related to online examination.

Our application will replace the traditional paper exams with the utilization of modern tablet devices helping the student to take exams easily with clear representation of each question and tracking time remaining. It will save time in revision and marking the exam as well by allowing automated marking where applicable.

  • Solution for Education
  • Solution for Corporates
  • Solution for Training Institute
  • Onscreen Evaluation System

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1:1 iPad classrooms

Employing a Universal Design for Learning cannot be successful without finding innovative solutions to teach every learning type and ability. Zenith Arabia have worked tirelessly to integrate technology into the classroom to personalize education for all learners

How it works

Our platform allows you to manage and integrate all the information you’ll ever need for your classes. Post class websites, send assignments, give feedback to students, and monitor student work, grades, and participation.


You create, assign, and grade student assignments, track your students over time (even across school years if your entire campus uses solution) to see how they’re progressing.


Once you’re confident with iPad, reach out and start connecting with the more than three million users around the globe to share best practices, get new resources, and expand the reach of your classroom.

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Enterprise Mobility

Our end-to-end Enterprise Mobility solutions & Services address all enterprise mobility requirements to help clients gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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