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Mac in Education - Learn With The Best!

Full Marks for Power!

Owning a Mac, as a student or as an educator could possibly be the best investment to reach one’s full learning potential! 

With the Apple M1 chip, students have a blazing-fast CPU, next-level graphics, and incredible machine learning capabilities on a single chip! 

Students can install and use powerful applications for every major, from Computer Science and Engineering to Creative Arts, Humanities, Health, Medicine, Science, and Technology! 

With full marks for power and the most advanced operating system in the world, It’s the perfect tool to unleash your creativity and power through your most ambitious projects. 

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist in Saudi Arabia, Zenith Arabia can help your organization deploy and integrate a full-fledged Mac program personalized to your school’s learning objectives and needs. 

Everyone Can Code!

“Everyone can code” is Apple’s program to teach students the skills of today, giving every student the opportunity to create something that can change the world!

Coding teaches students most of the skills that are in demand for today’s job market including creativity, complex problem solving, analytical and critical thinking, active learning, and collaboration. 

With an ultra-fast processor and an all-day battery life, Macs are the ideal machines for compiling code!

Use Xcode to teach your students to easily build beautiful applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV!

And with colorful engaging applications like Swift Playground, it becomes easy and simple to teach students, eight and above, the fundamentals of coding in a fun environment!

Mac Labs

Zenith Arabia’s team of certified experts can help you set up and maintain a MacLab, ideal for satisfying all your school or university’s computing needs! 

Each Mac comes with a powerful processor and the most advanced operating system in the world MacOS.

And in the case of your students requiring to use and run applications that require other operating systems like Windows, for example, our team can assist you to easily switch between operating systems and applications on your Mac.

Our team will also assist your organization in staying on top of the latest updates and required upgrades for your devices, in addition to effective device lifecycle management ensuring you seamlessly upgrade or replace your devices in the most efficient and costly manner.

Why Zenith Arabia?

  • We are an Apple Authorised Education Specialist in Saudi Arabia, which makes us your most trustworthy option for a Mac education solution.
  • We have Apple-certified technical consultants and engineers with a proven track record in the education sector in Saudi Arabia. Our team has the essential skills to support you throughout your entire education journey.
  • Zenith provides Apple Professional Learning sessions for leadership and teaching teams to to demonstrate how to best use Apple products for learning and teaching, coach, mentor and support teachers in advancing their technology skills with an emphasis on innovation — to engage students in deeper learning. Coaching sessions are available in person and virtually.
  • We run a comprehensive end-to-end assessment of your current infrastructure, complete with recommendations and details on relevant changes. These can include upgrades or Apple product recommendations that best align with your organization’s requirements and support you in achieving your strategic education objectives.

  • We can configure your Mac devices remotely with Zero-Touch saving you time, cost and effort so you can focus on the tasks that matter. 
  • We provide your IT staff with hands-on technical guidance and best practices before and after deployment. 
  • We provide hands-on training courses and workshops for the different Apple Education Applications.

Our Process

Our team of Apple certified professionals will work with the leadership & IT teams in your organization to design and deploy a personalized solution that perfectly fits your school’s teaching style and learning objectives. 

Our process consists of the following stages.

We will assess your  existing infrastructure and your school’s learning objectives to decide on the requirements needed for deploying the  Mac for Education program. We will assess storage and processor power requirements and we will consider the most suitable applications and tools for your educational needs. 


Our team of certified Apple professionals will devise a comprehensive plan that defines the full-tech bundle needed for the program and will consider the existing infra-structure and management software for a seamless time-effective integration. 

Zenith Arabia’s team will recommend the right Apple applications, whether free or premium and will recommend the ideal device configuration and storage requirements, etc.


This is the stage in which we actively configure and deploy the Mac program for your school and ensure all components are working seamlessly together. 

Our team of certified professionals will provide a series of hands-on workshops and courses to support your staff & students in getting the best value from their Macs.

In addition to our usual support, we will continue to provide guidance and consultation for the different aspects of the Mac programme after the deployment including device life-cycle management and technical support.