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تكنولوجيا المعلومات النشر لمنتجات Apple

قامت Apple بتصميم أدوات تعليمية فائقة التطور لدعم المؤسسات التعليمية والعاملون بها وتمكنهم من إنشاء خطط تُسهل العملية التعليمية وتمنحهم تجربة مميزة تخدم أهداف كل مؤسسة على حدة.
تقوم Apple بدعم كل تفاصيل عملية النشر وتقود الفريق القائم على استخدام منتجات Apple بأسهل طريقة ممكنة.

Whether you’re integrating Apple technology into your existing IT infrastructure or planning a brand new deployment, Zenith Arabia’s team of certified consultants can fully support you to make it happen.
Our process starts by assessing your existing IT infrastructure, and debriefing your IT and leadership teams in alignment with your institution’s learning goals and objectives to ensure a seamless deployment.
Then our team of consultants will take this information and use it for a comprehensive deployment plan that utilizes your organization receives the highest value for your investment.

During this stage, we will also recommend the right Apple technology for your institution and provide details about pricing, project duration, and requirements from your side.

As soon as we finalize the planning phase and obtain the essential sign offs from the leadership team, we proceed with the actual deployment, in which we procure Apple devices, then set up, register and deploy applications on the devices using zero-touch deployment, followed by comprehensive hands-on training, Apple Professional Learning sessions and workshops for your IT team and staff members on how to best use Apple products in learning and teaching.

We also provide ongoing consultation once the deployment and training stages are finalized, in which we will notify you when you need to carry out essential device upgrades or replacements, or when you need to update the iOS or applications to ensure your applications are running seamlessly at all times.

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Our team of Apple-certified professionals will design a personalized solution that perfectly fits your school’s teaching style and learning objectives. Our process consists of the following stages.

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